Galvanize 81 – Three Contrasting Projects, Two Constant Themes – Sustainability and Durability

Welcome to Galvanize 81 – this edition features three contrasting categories of construction using hot dip galvanized steel. The first article describes one of many similar major engineering projects underway in Melbourne over the last couple of years – the removal of a railway level crossing. This project is immense in scale, requiring around 2,200 tonnes of steel, much of it hot dip galvanized.

The second article profiles a small architectural practice in regional Western Australia and two of the houses they have completed in recent years. Each of these houses feature expressed hot dip galvanized steel and deliver a unique solution to a design problem. We’ve also included some ideas on how to solve the problems identified by the architect in a separate article, with size, appearance and design aspects of hot dip galvanizing that require an understanding of the process to deliver the best outcome.

The third article is from across the ditch, and the redesign of the Auckland Harbour Bridge lighting poles with an explanation of the challenges overcome when designing a structure for durability. This is an excellent example of thinking ahead, and building with the future in mind.

Download here: Galvanize 81