Free CPD Presentations

Update for COVID-19

The GAA is still providing free Continuing Professional Development presentations to engineers, architects, specifiers and designers during the COVID-19 shutdown via webinar. If you’ve got a computer, tablet or smart phone we can keep you and your staff up to date with training from our experts.

If you want a break from the home office and a bit of conversation where you might even learn something, a CPD on hot dip galvanizing is the event to register for!

Email us at or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch with you.


Annually the GAA provide free CPD presentations at the offices of hundreds of architects, engineers and specifiers across Australia on corrosion and hot dip galvanizing. The typical length of a presentation is one hour, but the length can easily be modified on request.

Sessions are free of charge and are held by webinar during the COVID-19 shutdown. When it’s over presentations can be held in the GAA’s office in Melbourne, or in a company’s office anywhere in Australia. The GAA can also provide “lunch and learn” sessions if desired, where attendees eat lunch or afternoon tea while listening to the presentation.


All presentations are given by industry experts and cover a vast range of topics including (but not limited to):

  • Corrosion of steel and how to determine the corrosivity of a location using Australian Standards.
  • The durability of different corrosion protection methods and how to meet the durability requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian Standards.
  • The galvanizing process, Standards, and how to specify galvanizing.
  • The initial and lifecycle cost of different corrosion protection methods, including the maintenance and repair of galvanizing.
  • Basics of designing against corrosion and how to design for galvanizing.
  • Achieving the desired initial thickness and appearance.
  • Painting or powder coating over galvanizing.


The content of presentations is flexible depending on the audience and area of interest, and can easily be expanded to include:

  • Hot dip galvanized reinforcement in concrete.
  • Handling and onsite installation of HDG.
  • Designing and fabricating against distortion.
  • Bolting and welding of HDG.

Presentations can usually be booked on any day.

Industry Approved

All CPD presentations qualify for CPD credit through your professional organisations. Certificates of attendance can be supplied if required.


Further information and booking is available by emailing, phoning (03) 9654 1266, or by filling out the request form below.

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    Photos and Feedback

    “This was our first time receiving a CPD presentation from GAA and to our delight it was interesting, informative and delivered in a highly professional manner. The presenter ensured that any questions we had regarding galvanizing were addressed and he was more than happy to send us all of the documents and information that we requested after the completion of the presentation. A combination of the presenter’s punctuality, knowledge and ability to engage an entire office in the presentation made for a positive and smooth experience. One which we would be more than happy to partake in again”

    – Gibson Architects, Brisbane

    “Our team of structural engineers found the GAA CPD accredited presentation very informative and relevant to our design and documentation of structural steelwork. GAA’s presenter was very knowledgeable across all aspects of galvanizing. The presentation broadened our teams’ knowledge base and has provided a direct link to the GAA for future reference”

    – Cardno, Brisbane

    “I think the impact that galvanizing has on the environment is an instrumental tool that should be considered in the architectural design process. I’m now aware of the cost, labour and hassle savings that galvanizing can provide in the long run, which is extremely important to be aware of. I also love that the Galvanizers Association of Australia are educating the industry about the importance of galvanizing and that they’re a not-for-profit organisation, I really like that!”

    – CHT Architects, Melbourne

    “GAA tailored the talk specifically to our request to discuss the topic of durability of galvanized reinforcement. The presenter showed good and up-to-date knowledge of galvanizing and provided technical advice regarding the durability of galvanized structures, which was directly applicable to design of concrete and steel structures”

    – TLB Engineers, Sydney

    “Recently, the GAA gave a fascinating Professional Development presentation to our office. The presentation was not dry or boring (as expected) but actually very interesting and indeed compelling. Our staff were very pleased with the presentation and felt that they learnt a lot about the importance of hot dip galvanizing as a means of protecting steel against corrosion”

    – NSW Public Works Government Architects Office, Sydney