Distance from the coast (km)
Is the closest salt water influence a surf coast or calm bay?*

*As a guide, a surf coast is an area of saltwater where breaking waves are a normal occurrence on at least four days per week or 60% of the time. Wind-driven white caps or choppy water are not considered breaking waves.

Steel Details

What is the typical thickness of the steel? (mm)

*Steels much thicker than 6mm can sometimes achieve much thicker coatings than the minimum required by AS/NZS 4680. Only select this option if the galvanizer can achieve a 125 µm coating.

Please select the duplex coating System Number from AS/NZS 2312.2 Table 7.1:

The paint component of the duplex system chosen consists of 25 µm Acrylic latex primer, 50 µm Acrylic latex paint.

Please select the paint System Designation from AS 2312.1 Table 6.3:

The paint system chosen consists of 40 µm Alkyd primer, 40 µm Acrylic latex, 40 µm Acrylic latex.

Please select the galvanized coating:

Non-threaded items batch hot dip galvanized and centrifuged to AS/NZS 4680, with an average single side coating thickness of 35 µm