What industries use galvanized steel?

Galvanized metals are used everywhere!

Nuts, bolts, tools, cars, bikes, pipes and wires of all kinds (to name just a few!) are now galvanized because it is a cheap process, and helps boost the metal’s lifespan

Galvanized steel, in particular, is often what is used in modern “steel frame” buildings. Galvanized steel is also used to create structures like balconies, verandahs, staircases, ladders, walkways, and more. Galvanized metal is the ideal choice if your project will live outside after it’s done. Fences, roofs, outdoor walkways, these are all great choices for galvanized metal!

Here is a look at just some of the industries which rely on galvanized steel:

  • Wind & solar industries: once installed, solar projects must work continuously and any repairs/maintenance results in disruption to service. This means that hot-dipped galvanized steels are a popular choice for their corrosion protection. It is also popular for its ‘environmental’ friendliness because it does not produce emissions and ensures decades without maintenance.
  • Agriculture industry: Galvanised steel is a great option as agricultural equipment is susceptible to being easily corroded. This creates a demand for tougher, more resilient equipment. Hot-dipped glavanixed steel provides corrosion protection that can often last for decades, even when exposed to the harsh environment of farming.
  • Automotive industry: Though only used on luxury models up until the 1980s, the use of zinc-coated bodies for automobiles is now the norm in auto manufacturing. About 80% of the body is made up of galvanized steel. The rust -resistance of galvanized steel is also a good marketing tool for the automotive industry because it can provide ‘anti-rust warranties’ to customers.
  • Construction industry: Residential or commercial, the durability of galvanized steel has made it popular in this industry. It is also selected for construction because of its aesthetics. The ‘shine’ that galvanized steel provides gives it a contemporary feel and is popular in modern architectural designs. Also, it isn’t just used for large structural pieces but things like fencing, gutters, rails, tubing, poles, and much more.
  • Telecommunication industry: Phone lines are not an easy maintenance job, they are tall and often difficult to reach. Hot-galvanized steel can be used on phone wiring and equipment boxes which decreases the risk of damage and need for maintenance at all.