Galvanize 85

Hot dip galvanizing – not just in the cities

This edition of galvanize includes five projects from Australia and New Zealand – all located outside of the capital cities and some in very remote areas. Each of the projects provides a unique solution, from new food sources for the world market to community facilities to improve amenities and bridges and walkways delivering safe access for locals and visitors alike.

The featured Australian projects are those entered into the 2022 Sorel  Awards, including the winner AQUNA Sustainable Murray Cod, while the New Zealand project, NL2A Shared Pathway, was the supreme winner in the 2022 Steel Construction New Zealand Excellence in Steel Awards, while also winning its category ($1.5 – $3 million project).

All the projects are located outside of capital cities and some are located in corrosive locations. In each case the galvanized coating provided cost effective, attractive, and robust structures, along with the reduced maintenance characteristic of batch hot dip galvanized steel. This year all projects utilise both structural steel and hollow sections and all of them are of a modular construction providing the opportunity to replace any components damaged during service while also reducing transport and installation costs.

Download Galvanize 85 here