Galvanize 86

Galvanize 86 – The Sorel Award Edition

In this 86th edition of Galvanize we feature an all-new layout and sections featuring new projects, reminders of some historical projects and technical discussions on common issues. In each of the upcoming issues of Galvanize we will include this new technical section from our extensive library on the use and durability of hot dip galvanized steel, all of which are available free from our website.

This edition features five recently completed projects showcasing the versatility and durability of hot dip galvanizing. Three of these projects are from the infrastructure segment, ranging from a hydraulic bracing solution that delivers an extended lifespan unique in the for-hire market while two significant railway tunnel projects in Sydney and Melbourne highlight how hot dip galvanizing provides very long maintenance free, yet often hidden, solutions for these major projects. Our other two projects from Western Australia are very different – one is for the younger generation or the young at heart which shows how a modular structure can be easily designed, fabricated and assembled for future relocation and the other features a stunning HDG exoskeleton providing an elegant solution for a cold storage and logistics facility.

As a reminder of our past, we also celebrate 50 years of the Sydney Opera House, the 21st birthday of Federation Square in Melbourne, and around 50 years of light poles along Melbourne’s iconic Eastern Freeway. All with very low maintenance, and all with lots more to give to their communities.

We also briefly cover the changes to the Building Code of Australia which, especially in residential housing, provide the first genuinely durable and codified solutions for Australians and promise to reduce the number of early failures due to corrosion.

I hope to enjoy the new layout and look forward to your feedback.

Download GALVANIZE 86 here.